What a Week (Year?!?) It Has Been…

I spent the last month and a lot of this last weekend busy preparing for an outdoor Craft and Vender Show that was scheduled for Saturday November 21, 2020. Much to my disappointment I found out yesterday that due to new Covid-19 restrictions on outdoor gatherings (among other things) in Michigan that it will be canceled. But my unfortunate situation is your gain, as I will have way more products to sell on my website very soon!

I am going through the process of setting up the store and will be posting holiday earrings first and more items over this week. I will be shipping flat rate Priority Mail all over the continental United States, and will be seeing about shipping to Canada, provided the shipping is not cost prohibitive for the purchaser.

In addition to earrings I will have some necklaces to match some of the holiday earrings. I will also be posting items from the recirculated project which were first launched at Maker Faire Detroit 2019. These items will include many items made with PBF (plastic bag fabric). For more information about the project head over to mypixelslipped.com

I hope during these difficult times you are staying safe and healthy and if you have any money to spare support as many local and small business as you can this holiday season.

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