New Jewelry Coming This Week!

New Jewelry Coming This Week!

I will be posting new items in the store this week, including jewelry made from semi precious stones, diffuser beads and electronic waste. I will also be making some Valentines themed earrings for local pick-up in the Rochester, Rochester Hills area.

A Bit About Electronic Waste

Electronic Waste or E-waste is a huge problem for the environment. Many electronics contain small parts that on their own may be reused or recycled but the process of retrieving these components is time consuming and also expensive. As part of my recirculated collection which includes by PBF items, I sought to address this how best I could and bring attention to it by using components from damaged toys (that were gonna be circuit bent projects that broke in the creation process), old VCRs (remember those), Dead LEDs (which would other wise be trash), and discarded CRT monitors.

I hope you can find some joy in wearing little pieces of art made from what would otherwise sit in a landfill and add to the copious amount of waste we already have on our planet.

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