Arts and Crafts DIY Tutorials Using Some of My Favorite Art Supplies

I haven’t been using my news/blog portion of my website as best as I could be, so I’ve decided to do something about it! I am partnering with Blick Art Materials on this post and as an affiliate I will receive revenue if you purchase any items from one of my links.

For a time I was an art and craft instructor at a certain large art supply store that shall remain nameless. Anyhow, I got into the swing of things and started to enjoy teaching and my classes were packed. Then COVID-19 hit, BOOM! Social distancing and quarantine meant the store was closed and there where no more in-person classes. To make matters worse the store decided to switch to an online class model but didn’t include instructional staff from the store level, but that’s beside the point. I just recently had the epiphany that I could create my own classes per say using my own website I already have.

I will be showing you how to make all sorts of fun projects using some of my favorite art supplies from Blick Art Materials in my Arts and Crafts DIY Tutorials. These tutorials will range in skill level and use some more expensive products than others so there will be something for everyone regardless of budget or previous experience.

For the remainder of the article I will be featuring an affiliate link gallery to some items I use everyday and will be using in my first Art DIY Tutorial. Did I forget to mention as a reader of my blog you Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders of $45 or More! Use Promo Code CFCZ. Exclusions apply.

The following gallery contains my favorite pencils, my favorite pen and a few more goodies that I absolutely love.

A little about some of these items and why I use them.

Blackwing (black) Matte Pencils are so smooth and soft. They leave a satisfyingly dark line and do not require very much pressure to do so. A very cool feature of Blackwing pencils is that they have a rectangular ferule and replaceable erasers (another item on my list).

Blackwing Point Guards! They are ingenious ensuring your pencil stays sharp in your pencil case and doesn't poke you!

Uni-ball Vision Pen is just such a smooth writing pen I absolutely love it, I buy them multiple at a time because I keep one at each desk and usually have one in my bag or on my person. They are surprisingly long lasting too and have a coinvent ink level window.

The last of the items in the gallery that I am going to point out my self will be the subject of my first Art DIY Tutorial, Strathmore Artist Trading Cards. Comeback later this week to see what you can do with them.

So if you what to make some ATC's visit the link in the gallery to purchase some and don't forget you Enjoy Free Shipping on Orders of $45 or More! Use Promo Code CFCZ. Exclusions apply.

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