Finally Getting Somewhere…

I recently added a gallery with some of my past art images to the site.  Im happy with it as a starting point but Im going to be exploring other ways of showing off past works as well, of which I hope to do with this post.

I am featuring some of my work from the past in this post to explore other ways to show what I have done, and encourage you to reach out to you if you would like to purchase photography images I have made or any other work that I may be make to sell. In this post I’ll also mention some of the items coming to the shop soon.

     Beaded Bookmarks coming soon!

  New Earrings Coming Soon

Photo Prints coming soon


Moss Monsters

I loved making this piece, and love the way it turned out.  Its a spooky but fun sculpture that I would love to make more versions of, if you like this piece reach out to me and I would be happy to work with you to get one made for you.


I have a wide variety of stickers I have designed that I will be launching soon in the shop, I just have this one holographic recycle image right now but more will launch very soon!

Video and Sound Art

I have images of some of my video work in the gallery but will be adding videos and links to my sound work very soon as well so check back.  

Graphic Design

I have several examples of my graphic design on my gallery page and if you are interested in any of my designs please reach out to me if you would like me to design something for you.



New Halloween and Fall Earrings

New Halloween and Fall items have launched in the store this weekend, Halloween and Fall Styles to dazzle and amaze. Click the link at the bottom of the article to check out all the new items we have in store for you!

Jack-o-Lantern, candy corn and pumplin to name a few right now, more styles will be drooping every week for the rest of the year! Keep your eyes pealed for our Halloween sale coming soon!

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Well This was unexpected…

Abstrack Painted USA Pin

Do to unforeseen technical issues I lost my previous website. I’ve taken the opportunity to begin fresh and design something completely new that better represent me.

It will evolve over time and I’m determined to update more regularly as well, so stay tuned for more frequent updates on new products, projects and events.

The Blog

In the past I tended to let the blog portion of my site languish, but no more! I will be posting at least once a week, weather it be about new items in the shop, an upcoming event, a how to, a review, or just a general update.

Stay tuned for exciting news coming, I just have to get the rest of the site in working order.