Daniel Huyberts

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He is a maker at heart, with hands that are adept at creating, ears tuned to the subtle nuances of sound, and eyes that see the world through a unique and artistic lens. For him every project is an opportunity to explore, learn, and contribute something beautiful to the world.
Daniel Huyberts
Rochester, MI
P: (248) 909-0844


Specs Howard School of Media Arts

Jun 2012 - Mar 2014
Diploma of Graphic Design

Earned a Certificate of Distinction in the graphic design program and demonstrated exceptional proficiency in the elements and principles of design, software tools, and creative problem-solving while in the program.

Maryland Institure College of Art 

Aug 2004 - Aug 2008
Bachelors of Fine Arts in Interactive Media 

Graduated Cum Laude consistently earning a place on the Dean's List, showcasing academic prowess. His achievements extended beyond the classroom, earning him the prestigious Leadership Recognition Award. Additionally, his pursuit of academic excellence was supported by both an Academic Excellence Scholarship and a Trustee Scholarship, underscoring his exceptional talent and dedication in the field of Interactive Media.

Skill Set

Graphic and Web Design
Creative Problem Solving
Sound Design and Editing  
Customer Service Excellence
Jewelry Design
Machine Embroidery and Digitization
Creative Writing 
3D Printing 

Work Experience


Dec 2013 - Present
Graphic Artist, Designer and Maker
  • Develop logos, websites, stickers, posters, standardized communications and other branding materials for himself and local businesses.
  • Run a personal eCommerce business selling self created artisinal goods
  • Developed an album through the artist name "mypixelslipped" and released it on audio streaming services
  • Participated in Maker Faire Detroit 2019 showcasing well designed items created from recycled materials


Aug 2014 - Apr 2018
Customer Experience Manager, Instructor, and Certified Custom Framer
  • Supervise sales associates and cashiers
  • Schedule the monthly demo and classroom calendar, cooperating with instructors to provide a well run classroom program
  • Perform bookkeeping and accounting, price adjusting, stock pulling, and receiving
  • Stock and recover aisles providing excellent merchandise presentation
  • Assist and guide guests to products providing excellent customer service
  • Provide a fast and friendly checkout for customers
  • Instruct students in creative classes
  • Design and build framing solutions using specialized software